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Serious questions to ask if adding artificial intelligence tools is a good fit for your business

  • Do you currently get over 5,000 website visitors a month to your website?
  • Do you commonly spend $5,000 or more on a business enhancing tool, service or software?
  • Are your products and services low priced or high priced?
  • Would your website and business benefit from greater visitor interaction?
  • Are you currently using a website chat app. now but it’s ineffective and a turn off?
  • Are your customers and clients “one and done” or do they want a long-term relationship?
  • Do you have a significant knowledge data base of your company, staff, products and services?
  • Is the transition from website visitor to a bono fide prospect lost in your sales process?
  • How significant of a competitive advantage would it be if your website could “out service” your competitors?
  • How important is it to wow your prospects or customers?
  • Is there an expectation in your business that you need to be a “leading edge” provider?
  • Does your sales staff “sit around” waiting for the phone to ring? And do they “wing it” every time they get a new prospect?
  • Is finding, training and retaining sales people so challenging that you think some tasks in the client acquisition sales process could be automated?
  • Do you have limited or no data on your website visitors, active prospects and likely close rate of your sales pipeline?
  • Are you concerned that your business is “falling behind” your competitors in technology and productivity?

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