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About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to Florida Website Marketing, the premier digital marketing agency dedicated to unlocking the full potential of your business across Florida and beyond.

With a rich heritage of over 15 years of digital marketing success, we can transform your website and online presence into powerful a growth engine.

Why Choose Us

  • Experience & Expertise: Leveraging over 15 years of digital marketing experience to offer unmatched services.
  • Customized Solutions: We Understand that your business is unique, we tailor our strategies to meet your specific goals. 
  • Proven Results: Our client success stories across various industries testify to our ability to significantly increase SEO traffic, conversion rates, and revenues.
  • We Assume Your Marketing Responsibilities.  Internet marketing skills take many years to develop. We understand the “big picture” marketing strategies that can move the dial big time. But great execution requires a nose to the grindstone attitude. We are expert grinders in marketing so you don’t have to be one. 
  • Our Services are a Bargain If you want to do what we do, you would have to quit your job and spend the next 15+ years building internet marketing skills.
  • Our rates start at just $699 a month. But our marketing output is equivalent to a 1/2 full time worker that would cost well over $30,000 a year.
  • For our higher end services you would have to hire a team of employees. We also spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on; software, Ai Technology, marketing tools, and subscription services so you don’t have to.  


    Upfront and Straight Talk… 

    At Florida Website Marketing, we promise to work to give you our best ideas, skills and effort upfront.

    If something isn’t working within our discipline we’ll fix it. We want to out-perform your digital marketing goals and service expectations not just when you sign up but years into the future.

    Our team of experts is committed to old fashion real service. We aren’t big users of voicemail. We usually pick up the phone before the 3rd ring.  Call us Today at 813 409-4683 seeing is believing. We welcome your call! 

    Our Marketing Services

    • Digital Strategy: Tailored strategies blending SEO, PPC, and content marketing to propel your brand to the forefront of your industry.
    • SEO & Content Marketing: Elevating your site’s visibility and driving targeted traffic with cutting-edge SEO tactics and compelling content.
    • PPC Management: Maximizing ROI on Google Ads and social media advertising with meticulously managed campaigns.
    • Social Media Marketing: Engaging your audience on their favorite platforms to build community and drive sales.
    • Email Marketing: Nurturing leads and keeping your brand top-of-mind with strategic email campaigns.
    • Marketing Intelligence System: Leveraging data to fine-tune marketing strategies and achieve superior results. 

    Meet Our Team Leaders

    Brian B. French, Florida Website Marketing Co-founder, CEO

    For over 15 years Brian has been the CEO of Florida Website Marketing and in-house internet marketing and SEO specialist for one of the largest Public Relations firms in Florida.

    Having prior been an investment analyst and managing hundreds of million of dollar gives him a deep insight of what makes a business and marketing plan work.

    Working with some of Florida’s most successful businesses in: law, insurance, real estate development, education, and hospitality and many other industries has given him a breath of knowledge that would be hard to match. But this is a “show me the money” business and we earn our clients confidence every day!

     Mark Cameron, Florida Website Marketing Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer

    Mark is the technology maven on the team. Change and innovation on the internet has advanced at a breathtaking speed. Mark Cameron has led the pack in the industry for the last 20 years. 

    With a deep knowledge of multi-million dollar ecommerce enterprises to medical product marketing he understands the nut and bolts of internet technology from Apps to AI and how to make the cash register ring. His passion for technological innovation is astounding! You’ll want to meet him…

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