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Achieve digital marketing success with Florida Website Marketing, your expert partner in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization excellence. We can turn your website into a money maker and transform your online presence. We focus on your unique niche target audience. Our customized marketing campaigns are crafted to prioritize your “highest reward” marketing strategies to grow your business ASAP and over the long term.

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Florida Website Marketing SEO

Florida Website Marketing Services

Our Internet Marketing and SEO services are designed to unlock the full potential of your online business and brand.

We leverage cutting-edge marketing techniques, new innovations in technology and a deep understanding of online marketing and search engine algorithms to enhance your visibility, build you brand, drive organic traffic, and increase conversions.

From Social Media to Local SEO to Google Pay-Per-Click. Our comprehensive approach ensures that no matter your goal, we have the expertise to achieve it.

SEO Marketing

Increased Visibility and Traffic

Good SEO practices help your site rank higher in search engine results, making it more visible to potential customers, which can significantly increase the amount of traffic your website receives.

Integrating Multiple Marketing Campaigns to Compound your Success

Good marketing reaches qualified prospects across of variety of internet marketing platforms. Great marketing knows how to maximize sales and allocate capital to produce the highest return on investment. 


Improved User Experience

SEO involves optimizing the structure and content of your website, which can lead to a better user experience. This includes faster loading times, mobile optimization, and high-quality content that meets the needs of your audience.

Comprehensive Monthly Reporting

It’s essential to know how all the elements of your internet marketing efforts are performing. Analyzing every important data point can give you import insights on internet users and the behaviors and interests of your “best prospects”. 

SEO Strategy

Custom Strategies

Every business is unique, and your marketing strategy should be too. At Florida Website Marketing we dive deep into understanding your brand, your audience, and your goals to create a bespoke Internet Marketing plan that delivers results.

With a focus on flexibility and adaptability, our approach ensures that your online identity not only grows but thrives in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Choose FWM for personalized marketing solutions that will drive success.

SEO Marketing


Commpared to paid advertising, Social Media and SEO are cost-effective marketing strategies. Once your social media platform Google Map Listing or website ranks high in social visibility and Google search, you do not have to pay for clicks, leading to better ROI over time.

With Florida Website Marketing…

Maximize Your Online Visibility & Stay Ahead of The Competition

We employ advanced monitoring and tracking tools to keep a vigilant eye on your keyword performance, ensuring optimal placement in search results. We utilize real-time analytics to assess keyword rankings, search volume, and competitor performance, enabling us to adapt and refine our strategies dynamically.

Unlock Your Digital Potential: With Our SEO Services

Expert Keyword Research

Uncovering the most effective keywords to connect you with your ideal audience.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Enhancing site content and structure for better search engine visibility and user experience.

High-Quality Backlink Building

Securing authoritative backlinks to boost your site’s credibility and rankings.

Florida SEO Services
Florida SEO Services

Put your Business on the Map! Google My Business Local Search 

Google My Business Listings

There are over 60 data points in optimizing a Google My Business Listing… Let us help you get in the Google 3 – pack!

Yelp and Local Directories

Other local directories can get you easily found for your profession and help boost your organic SEO. Each has to be carefully and meticulously curated and organized (NAP) to beat your competition. 

Turn Your Business Into

a Social Media… Butterfly

Facebook Marketing

For many market niches Facebook is the ultimate marketing platform. Targeting user interests, demographics with rich images and videos is like no other marketing platform in history.  Social sharing is a bonus!

YouTube and Podcast Marketing

YouTube and podcasting content and interest has soared in recent years. Let us help you “Tell Your Story”.

Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and More...

All ages and and professions are on Social Media. We can target “your best prospective customers” by their interests, demographics even income and job title, across social media platforms. 

Google AdWords Pay-Per Click Marketing…Instant Traffic and Conversions!

Google AdWords Campaign Management

Get immediate business calls and clicks to your website. Let us craft your business a Google Ad that make the phone ring off the hook.

Monthly Reporting and Continuous Optimization of Ads and Campaigns.

We scrutinize carefully every penny spent. We constantly modify and optimize your keywords, ads and “call to action”. We report to you all the important details every month. 

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Embark on the path to elevate your website with a simple conversation. Our experts are here to listen, understand your vision, research your current situation and tailor a strategy that aligns with your goals. Connect with us today to unlock the full potential of your online future. 

Florida Website

Watch Your Website Traffic Grow…

Experience the rewarding journey of organic growth as we employ strategic SEO techniques tailored to your unique needs. Witness a steady increase in your website’s traffic, all while building a solid, lasting foundation for your online presence.

Let’s nurture your site’s potential together, turning clicks into customers and growth into success. 

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Enhancing site usability and performance for better engagement and conversion rates.

Consistent monitoring of your site’s performance to refine and improve strategies.

Implementation of long-term solutions that ensure continuous growth.

Capitalizing on local search queries to drive traffic from your immediate geographic area.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials (verifiable on Linkedin)

For many years I avoided having someone help me create an effective website, relying on my own work with mediocre results. When I finally gave up and contacted Brian, he immediately understood what I wanted and has worked with me to create a website I can truly be proud of. Thanks, Brian

Don Ryce

Attorney, Arbitration Offices of Donald T. Ryce

Brian is extremely knowledgeable about marketing for lawyers. And more importantly he’s honest, goes the extra mile and an all around great guy. I was skeptical at first, and didn’t expect much, but he constantly surprised me with his knowledge, willingness to help and to see the bigger picture. I only have great things to say about Brian, and highly recommend him and his services. Thanks for all of your help!

Sindee Levin

Attorney , Law Offices of Sindee Levin

I was skeptical of hiring somebody to do SEO work for me because I had been burned in the past. Brian not only brought one of my sites to the top position in Google for one of my main keywords within a month, and not only has it stayed there for two years already, but Brian also taught me how to set-up and promote and maximize WordPress sites for Google – I now have several legal-niche sites all up and ranking in Google and promoting my law office – all due to what Brian taught me.

Jay Hait

Attorney , Hait Family Law

Brian is a “top notch” marketer and a leader in his industry. I can’t say enough about he and his services as I have seen first hand what they can do for a clients bottom line. He has proven to me over and over that he can get the job done and that he is someone I want to work with and do business with.
In addition, his knowledge and skills with LinkedIn are extraordinary and he is someone you should get to know (if you don’t already).
I’d highly recommend Brian and his services (in fact I often do)!

Steven Scott

SEO Expert, Trainer, Consultant and Agency,

“Brian French helped place my business in the first page of a GOOGLE search in the two cities I operate my practice out of. Having this exposure helps my clients find my website with ease. It is like a “One and Done” search experience. I recommend his services.

Rania Batayneh, MPH

Nutritionist | #1 Amazon Bestselling author of The 1:1:1 Diet

If you want to put the internet to work making money for your business get to know Brian. He has a proven track record and is worth more than he charges.

Martha Matthews Vasquez

Real Estate Advisor,

Brian is really knowledgeable and generous with his time. He was great at explaining the best ways to improve our web site and how to increase traffic — great stuff!

Eddie Suarez

Attorney, The Suarez Law Firm, P.A.

Brian is one of the most fascinating guys on so many levels.

I’ve been using his firm for short article composition and back linking for a couple of websites I have. Soon he’ll be doing this for 6 other sites I have coming on line, because he’s increased my rankings so well!
Also, I’ve learned more about “making it happen” on LinkedIn from Brian than I ever thought possible. If you haven’t been to one of his marketing seminars, don’t miss the next opportunity, you won’t be disappointed.
Brian is the “real McCoy” Honest, intelligent, experienced and has the inside track on all things SEO and web marketing.
I can highly recommend Brian for business marketing, SEO and web development work, he’ll get your initiative on track and keep it there…

Curt Burnside

Technology Specialist, Veritivity Technology Consultants

Brian French is the real deal. If you are like me and feel somewhat overwhelmed by the tsunami of SEO advertisements on the web and through LinkedIn, Brian French and his team are a safe harbor. Brian has proven to be flexible about his services, patient with my questions and generous with his time. I look forward to working with Brian for some time to come.

Cary W. White, OCIP Expert

Managing Director, ISU Insurance Services

No BS…

Facts and “Best Money Spent”

Solutions Presented Upfront

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Step #1 Marketing & SEO Audit No Sales Pitch.. Just the facts!

 There is no path to success unless you know exactly where you are vs. your competitors. We spend many hours before you pay us a penny to understand your business and unique marketing opportunities.

We use industry leading MARKETING & SEO AUDIT data collection software to know exactly how much website traffic you get; what keywords you rank for, and a dozen other important data points vs. your most able competitor.

But that is just the start… marketing is a creative discipline that requires many years of experience to known the “Best Money Spent” strategies unique to your business.

The facts are irrefutable… After we present our Marketing and SEO Audit. It will become 100% obvious that you will need to make changes if you want better results. 

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Step #2 Take Action No Non-Sense Clear Advice...

Life is short… and everyone’s time is valuable. The results from the Marketing and SEO Audit are going to state exactly what needs to be done for your Florida business to compete and grow.

Our “Best Money Spent” suggestions represent a lifetime of sales and marketing experience. Some of these suggestions won’t require any money to implement, but something more important; expertise, time and an enduring grinding effort to successfully implement.

After we present you the FACTS and our BEST ADVICE you are welcome to implement these changes entirely on your own. But as Confucius said “to know and not do… is really not to know”.

It’s often the wisest decision to hire an expert (like you in your business) because taking NO ACTION will be a slow march to decline and death of your best business marketing opportunities. It’s your call…

Free Website Audit

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Kickstart your journey to digital excellence with a complimentary website audit. Our expert team will conduct a thorough review of your website, your marketing efforts and identify key areas for improvement and opportunities to enhance your marketing performance.