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Turn-key Marketing Solutions

Finally, a Comprehensive Marketing Solution!

We figured out the major reason why people aren’t successful in marketing… and it’s time to do something about it!

The reason that nearly all small business marketing is unsuccessful is simple.

They do one or two marketing strategies for a short amount of time; but since doing one or two things (briefly) doesn’t move the sales dial enough, they quickly become impatient and quit…

Sound familiar?                     

They then start the cycle all over again with someone else.

It’s a tremendous waste of precious time, positive energy and valuable capital and it has to stop!

There is only one solution to the problem.

 Unleash the floodgates of up to 30 marketing strategies and resources as fast as possible (with someone who has the track record and resources to make it work).

Below are the features and benefits of our Comprehensive Marketing and Consulting Service. Frankly stated, there is nothing in the marketing consulting industry that comes close to this product and service offering at any price level.

We Made Sure Of It!

The purpose our Marketing and Consulting Service is to give your marketing campaign an incredible amount of launch pad “lift-off” power, by implementing multiple marketing strategies:

• Quickly
• That are Cost Effective 
• That are Complimentary 
• To Provide Comprehensive and Cumulative Benefits
• To Create Dominance in your Niche Market(s), ASAP 
• That are Sustainable and will Build your Business’s Long Term Asset Value

To achieve your marketing goals the following 30 services and tools will be available immediately and remain so over, the course of the consulting relationship at no additional charge.

1. SEO Campaign: 25 SEO articles links per month Our most popular service. Targeting your most attractive keyword phrases ($399 monthly value). 

2. Monthly tracking of your most important keywords in organic search engine results in; Google, Bing and Yahoo! No nonsense tracking of your SEO success.

3. Creation of a Google analytics account for your website and monthly review (identifying new opportunities)

4.  Create  custom social media campaigns on LinkedIn and Facebook that will reach thousands of qualified buyers of your products and services.  Have this platform grow over time with little to no  expense to achieve dominance in your niche market. Stop selling… start educating.

5. Complete review of your website and marketing plan and an action plan to improve your sales ASAP. 

6. Create a professional radio show podcast interview (20 minutes in length) that tells your unique and powerful business story.  Publish to your interview on your; website, social media accounts and even include in your e-mail signature. 

7. Ability to e-mail your marketing messages to our private network of over 12,000 Florida professionals. 80%+delivery rate.  ($399 value) or 60,000 professionals nationally.

8.  Create a business advertising campaign that is 80% lower cost than Google Adwords.

9. Free Bi-Monthly 1 hour conference call giving you updates on the progress of your marketing campaign and best actionable new marketing strategies for the next two weeks (and beyond).

10. Up to 3 hours of Free personal training on new technologies (3 hours for each 6 month consulting term). Plus access to over 30 of our marketing podcasts.

11. FREE sponsorship at our business events. Over 1,400 professional have attended.

12.  Optimize your Google map business listing (a $500 value) Now FREE with this service.

13. Comprehensive training on “How to Use LinkedIn to Grow your Business” (we bring over 100 fee paying new clients a year  via LinkedIn at no cost). 

14. How to quickly build your marketing database by 10 fold.

15. FREE professional head shot photo shoot for your entire staff! (Florida based clients)

16. How to set up and manage local Groups and become a leader in your local community.

17. Recommendations on other modest cost / leveraged upside marketing strategies.

18. How to write a compelling article and offer that will drive prospects to your website. (You know it works, that’s how you found us). Pay us nothing.

19. How to create an online store and sell any merchandise. (we have sold thousands of products)

20. How to set up a low cost e-mail marketing and newsletter campaign. A real money maker for  Zero Cost!

21. Private coaching on how to build your authority online and in your local market. (We lead the largest business networking group in Florida with over  12,000 members). Another freebie!

22. A professional recommendation on your Google business listing and your Linkedin profile and 500 Facebook .”LIKES”. Cost zippo!

23. How to create landing pages on your website that can close the sale and ring the cash register immediately. 

24. Implement an Internet Identity Building Plan that will wow anyone who searches for your name and profession online. (see our video it will blow you away) 

25. How to create an online radio show to compliment your practice. Build prominence in your industry.

26. How to create professional and productive YouTube videos (in minutes).

27. How to create professional looking websites for peanuts. Easy enough for a 12 year old to build.

28. Free listings and links on any of our 25 plus websites (for estate niche professionals only- a $997 value).

29. How to create “irresistible offers” for your business. (hint…you are reading one)

30. Telephone emergency access to call Brian 7 days a week. 

Plus anything else that we discover in the future, that can produce big gains in your business practice… 

Price of all 30 services listed above $599 a month (you can cancel anytime, but we reserve the right to raise our prices significantly for returning clients)

Curious? Call Brian at 813 944-3190. Test our mettle… ask us your most pressing and challenging questions.


Start your Marketing and Consulting Campaign Here

(PayPal) $599 Monthly




Add On Premium Services:

  • Full Featured 12 Page Website 3 payments of $499
  • Full feature Pay Per Click Management $250 per month plus Marketing Budget
  • Google Local Maps Optimization and Maintenance $100 per month
  • Mobile Phone Formatted Website 2 payments of $199
  • On Page SEO formatting $199 per month (3 pages formatted a month)


Brian French


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