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Thriving in the “New Economy” as the new YOU

As much as we all would like to keep things “stable” and free from change the World around us is an object in motion. Every day, the earth rotates at 1,000 miles an hour. It is only because we are along for the ride that we don’t have the proper perspective to see the big picture.

Economically, it used to be that farming (or serfdom) was the backbreaking “career” for multiple generations. During the industrial age, manufacturing replaced farming and jobs quickly migrated to the auto, steel, mining industries.

But since the 1980’s, much of the rest of the World (including: India & China) have awoken from their deep sleep and today they are the major manufacturers or suppliers of both products and services.

Contraction in job growth for even, once perceived, “stable industries” like; IT, banking and real estate (and dozens of other industries) have most likely passed their “golden age” of easy money and easy employment.

The real battleground regarding your “best new job” for most people; is not re-writing your resume, dressing for success or even having a pedigree education. The battleground is having the courage to accept that the World has “moved on” and to adapt with it.

If it sounds risky, maybe it is, but so is holding on to the rail of the Titanic. Sooner or later, you have to get your feet wet.

No one gave Lewis and Clark, Thomas Edison, or Einstein a road map or instructions. They lived in the moment of embracing a lot of unknowns, taking risks and asking big important questions.

Your great “new job” may also be around the bend, or something you can “put together” in a moment of inspiration. Every great harvest starts with a tiny seed. Do you take care of your seeds of opportunity?

Now the good news… it only takes a great idea and doing something really well to succeed.

The online retailer Amazon doesn’t manufacture anything (they just distribute other peoples stuff) but their sales were over $9 billion bucks. EBay doesn’t even distribute or ever touch a product (they just bring a buyer and seller together).

I am pretty sure, if Levis and Clark, Edison or Einstein were around today and if they wanted to make a few bucks they would be on the internet. Why? Because GREAT new ideas on the internet can be a thousand times more valuable than winning the lottery or finding oil in your backyard.

The internet is the greatest platform ever created for the “little guy” to compete and win. It is the ultimate playing field for ideas and knowledge. The cool thing is that each person can pick their own niche, product or service.

While everyone’s products may be different, success most likely will be a function of how well you FIND and SERVE OTHERS with an EXCEPTIONAL product or service.

4 things you need to succeed

1. A great product, service or idea and a terrific execution plan.

2. Knowledge of how to get found on the internet (commonly referred to as; search engine optimization).

3. Some knowledge about how to create a website or access to someone who does.

4. Patience

An often overlooked function in having a successful web business is #2. You could have the greatest product in the world but if no one can find you on the big stage of Google search (you really don’t exist).

My best advice is to make a healthy investment in yourself; and get a serious education in search engine optimization such as Tampa SEO Training Academy

The folks that go to these learning sessions are truly prepared to play and win in the “New Economy”.

Being a professional search engine optimization expert is also one of the “hottest” new careers today!

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