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The “Science” and “Art” of keyword selection

Keyword Case Study for Attorneys

The “science” is looking at the mathematics of which lines of law practice are most profitable for the attorney (what is the profitability of a injury law case vs.. a workers compensation case).

If an injury law case is 6 times more lucrative, then we should allocate most of our resources in that area. But within the injury law area, are car injury cases 8 times more common than truck injuries? Are truck injury settlements 3 times higher than car injury cases?

Part of the math equation should be to consider the numbers and strengths of your competitors.

The “art” of the process is to identify the phrases that the general public uses to have their simplest issues / questions addressed or answered. The rule is to use the clients vocabulary, not the attorneys, in keyword selection.

Keywords that I think are good are: “suing for car accident in Alabama” “suing for car injury in Alabama” “suing for work injury Alabama” “suing for dui in Alabama” “how to sue someone in Alabama” The term “to sue or suing” is used by the common man.

When a web searcher uses these keywords they are highly qualified because they are anticipating taking ACTION, which is in the attorney’s “sweet spot”. Also, because these keywords are most likely not on your competitors “radar screen” they are likely easy to rank on the first page of Google.

To contact us regarding keywords for your niche busness contact us at: 813 944-3190 Brian French CEO, Website Consultant

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