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Marketing: The high cost of running out of gas

Marketing is the fuel that powers the revenue engine of your business.  A business leader needs to blend the ingredients of their marketing plan to achieve the proper octane level to produce the horsepower to achieve their business goals.

Blending the optimal mixture of your marketing resources of; capital, time energy and creativity to get your best gas mileage is not easy, nor, it something that you can “set and forget” for a prolonged period of time. Everything changes over time; competition, demand for products, prices, marketing platform effectiveness.  

The earth rotates on its axis at the speed of 1,000 miles an hour. Do you really expect your business to stand still?

Most marketing captains guide their ship by looking through what they believe is a telescope to travel towards their goals. In actuality, everything they are looking at is changing and their telescope has the optical quality more like a kaleidoscope. 

It’s human nature when looking at so much change to simply “lock up” but like a deer caught up in a car’s headlights, things can get bloody real fast.

If you run out of gas in your marketing campaign you will never get the appointment, close the sale and be able to re-fuel to reach your long term destination.

When your marketing tank runs dry; your business you can be stuck out in the desert with nothing to keep you company… but your regrets.  Because you did not want to spend the $3 for a gallon of (marketing) gas you may have to abandon you pricey vehicle and hoof it on foot.

Maybe you will make it to the next gas station or maybe you won’t.  But what is certain is that the damage done to you and your business could be a hundred times (or a thousand times) more expensive than the $3 bucks for the gas.

It’s foolish and dangerous to let your (marketing) tank run low. Endlessly rooming the information highway (i.e., the internet) in search of ever cheaper gas may turn your “joy ride” into “the trip to hell”.

Look over your shoulder you have a lot passengers in your business counting on you. Your employees, spouse and children deserve someone who is sober enough to check the gauges before they get behind the wheel.

To improve your marketing fuel mileage contact:

Brian French 813 944-3190

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