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Topics of Discussion:

  • How our article links work
  • Types of articles links available (100+ words and 450 words)
  • Results of our article writing campaigns


Actual client case - Keyword phrase: "Bonita Springs injury attorney"

Our client paid us to improve his search engine results for the important keyword "Bonita Springs injury attorney"

We wrote articles for him with a link for "Bonita Springs injury attorney" to his home page. These articles went to our blog network with page ranks of PR2 to PR 5.

These are the kind of links that Google loves (100% white hat). These article are 100% original content (Google likes it that way).

After 5 weeks...

Google improved his page rank for "Bonita Springs injury attorney" from the 55th position to the #1 position.

We don't give out our destination blog page URL's it's a trade secret (so please don't ask).


The Power of our Links

Number of links and results


Case Study #1

Number of articles: 400

Number of keywords site gets traffic on: 5,500

Equivalent pay per click results: $240,000

For our own site we created approximately 400 articles links this site now gets nearly 14,000 visitors a month on over 5,500 keywords. This free traffic is equivalent to over $20,000 a month in pay per click advertising.



Case Study #2

Number of articles: 100

First page in search engines: 14 keywords

An attorney injury case can produce $8,000 to $20,000 in fees

Client dominates his market

Actual Attorney Client


Case Study #3

Number of articles: 100

First page in search engines: 58 keywords

Client dominates market



Case Study #4

Number of articles: 100

Ranks in top 4 out of 5 positions for divorce lawyer in Israel

Client dominates market for entire country!



More Case Studies

Less than 100 article links





Sample 450 Word Article - Includes 3 links

Work at home jobs a trend for a new decade

The US economy continues to adjust to new economic realities and consumer and business demands. In previous time periods, the United States has been an economy that traditionally was based on a business model which demanded that workers be centrally located to provide the proper management of human resources. The personal computer and the broad distribution of advanced communication systems now allow employees to work from home.

While in the past, it was important to watch over employees to make sure that they accomplished their tasks today, with computer networking systems and employer can closely monitor a worker who works at home. New software is now available that allows a company to track every keystroke they make on a computer and every conversation they have on a telephone line.

These new economy jobs provide the business community with a good deal of flexibility in expanding and contracting their labor force to keep up with prevailing demand. There are also,  work from home agents provide temporary workers within a short period of time and with very little paperwork. Advanced economic systems like; in the United States require the labor force to adapt to new methods to enhance worker productivity as well as employer efficiency and profitability. Recent economic labor reports indicate that the  work at home jobs economy is one of the fastest growing areas of employment.

There are significant advantages to both the employer as well as their workers. The employer is able to hire a temporary worker which files a 1099 with the Internal Revenue Service. These contract workers can work on a week to week or monthly basis and if the demand slows the worker can be let go without having to pay severance as would be the case, if they were a full-time employee.

The employee also enjoys the flexibility of working from home which can be very valuable for workers who have small children or older parents which have special needs. Working at home can also reduce the employees expense in; day care expense, dry-cleaning, auto repair, gasoline and tolls. It's not unusual for a work at home employee for these cost savings to amount to 7 to 10% of their after-tax discretionary income.

Employment studies have shown that the quality of work which is produced by work from home staff members indicates that the quantity and quality of work they produce is above the standards of employees that go to an office location to complete their work.

It seems likely that given the strong economic benefits for all of those involved that this is an employment trend that will continue for a long time. Employment productivity can become a major component in economic growth for a country and the enhanced savings provided to workers can improve their personal incomes and financial health to workers.


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"You are a pleasure to work with.  I am learning a lot from you and we are getting results!! " Attorney - David Anderson

“I found Brian and his related companies on Linkedin over a year ago and after spending countless hours and years playing with website's, decided to give him a call. It was the best decision I made in trying to establish a web presence for my small law practice. Brian's knowledge not only of the industry, but the way various search engines rank and display website's was invaluable in creating my web presence. I cannot recommend him enough." Arthur Geffen, Dallas Estate Attorney

"Brian French is the real deal. If you are like me and feel somewhat overwhelmed by the tsunami of SEO advertisements on the web and through LinkedIn, Brian French and his team are a safe harbor. Brian has proven to be flexible about his services, patient with my questions and generous with his time. I look forward to working with Brian for some time to come.” September 9, 2009."
Cary White, President Presido Insurance Company, As placed on Linkedin

Brian - "Got a referral directly through a Google search of RI Probate Attorney, which led the Client to me through the site you created. This one Client generated fees covering the cost of RI and Boston site for the year. I'd be happy to post a recommendation for you. Thank you."Attorney, Jim Lawrence, Boston, Mass.

"Brian at put me right at the top of the list. Everything he promised me he delivered! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" Attorney, Michael Tucker Orlando, FL


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