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Down and dirty secrets about the search engine optimization business

Nearly all search engine optimization offers that we see are a total waste of; time, effort and capital.

If you think that sounds depressing to you…just think of how we feel… We are in the business.

It is commonly said that it takes two willing liars to “pull off a con job” (the con artist and the mark) nowhere is this truer than in search engine optimization.

On the low end price points the biggest issue that we see is that both parties are preoccupied with being cheap. The clients wants as many links as possible, as fast as possible, without exerting little to any creative effort. To boot the client is willing to pay nearly nothing.

Their SEO guy is thinking the same thing.

That is like buying a Rolex watch on the street for $50 bucks and then being “SHOCKED” that it is a fake.

On the high end price points is the “corporate buyer” who has no idea of what search engine optimization is. So they select a “good looking” company that tells a “good story” and whose prices are so high that the corporation assumes “proves the point” that the SEO company has rare and priceless expertise.

Two types of SEO “professionals”

#1 The high-end luxury “Corporate” SEO shop

A. They have nice modern looking offices (but guess who’s paying the rent?)
B. They have a big staff of “teams” i.e., lots of mouths to feed.
C. Their PowerPoint presentations and marketing materials are super slick
D. They have worked with (shaken down) lots of “brand name logo” companies.
E. Their (cya) SEO agreements have 5-6 pages of “Weasel Clause” small print so small that you might need a microscope to read it. If you could read it or translate it into real words it would simply say, “We promise you absolutely nothing”.
F. Their prices start at $20,000 a year and nearly everything important like link building is “extra”.
G. Yes, they likely know everything in the book about SEO but you aren’t going to get it all for a measly $20k.

Who Buys Corporate SEO services?

“Brand” oriented companies have been throwing away money on marketing for decades. FACT: 83% of TV ads don’t cover their costs of running the ads. So a large company throws away another $50,000 to $100,000 on internet marketing, no big deal (it was in the budget, they pretty much expected too). At least they did it with people and in offices that “looked” respectable.

SEO Provider #2
The Low End: Services provided by SEO “professionals” from India, Russia your webmaster or the kid down the street.

If you ship your money overseas in hopes to exploit some genius SEO peasant than I can pretty much guarantee that you will be the one who is exploited. Sure, they can do the on page SEO formatting for peanuts but do you really want to give total access of your website to a peasant stranger from a corrupt country who has very little to lose? I don’t.

Another option is hiring your existing webmaster or the kid down the street. Sure, they may be trust worthy and cheap but do they really have resources and knowledge to execute a serious SEO campaign? I doubt it. Here’s why…

The biggest factor (80%) that produces high search engine rank is lots of high quality inbound links to your site. How many websites does your SEO expert have total authority to create permanent links to? The short answer is few to none.

Low end operators often use free directory listings that your web guy cuts and pastes into hundreds of arcane link directories. While this might sound appealing, in reality, it is a total waste of time and cyber space.
We own over 20 link directories and when someone wants to create a free listing we usually delete it, unbeknownst to them. The link never becomes active they just think it does.

Also, if your web expert uses the same description in 1,000 directory listings (which most people do) they only get credit from Google for one listing. Google can easily spot duplicate content. Just think… you paid someone real money to create 1,000 link directory listings and it is only worth 1 link “point” with Google. Ignorance may be bliss but it can be very expensive. Being cheap is actually very expensive when you get nothing of value in return.

A better way…Go with a no FLUFF, no BS or no HYPE SEO shop

Demand to see an actual track record of SEO success.

Ask if they have (paid for) access to hundreds or thousands of blogs and websites to create links from.

Ask yourself, does the SEO campaign costs make sense in relation to returns you will receive by being on the first page of Google?

Here’s our track record:

Here is our resources and strategy:

Here is our bio:

100% of our work is done in the U.S.

We provide a 110% money back guarantee

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