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Domain names: For fun and profit

 When you domain name matches commonly searched keywords your ability to be seen on the internet can go up 100 fold.

Domain names for fun and profit: $59.00 (nice “how to” domain) Lot’s of perks. $79.00 (nice product domain) $99.00 (delicious on a hot dog) $69.00 (worn by millions of hockey players) $199.00 ( high CPC, high exact phrase search volume) $89.00 (high cpc, millions of people are refinancing these days!) $59.00 (exact match product search) $69.00 (specific product domain) $99.00 (great product domain) $99.00 (great domain, high search volume) $69.00 (everybody with a garage needs one of these) $69.00 (high CPC) $199.00 (thousands of monthly searches! High selling Winter Item!) $69.00 (I like this one) $149.00 (popular item, high cpc) $99.00 (high resale value to any cleaning company) $89.00 (exact match product domain) $149.00 (great domain, high resale value) $129.00 (awesome fitness product domain!) $149.00 (short domain, high CPC, high resale value) $69.00 (high cpc, specific product) $69.00 (nice domain) $59.00 (nobody likes cold food) $89.00 (very common items)

If all else fails… $69.00 (exact match keyword search)

Contact: Brian French 813 944-3190

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