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Does your website provide PROOF of your client’s success?

Remember detective Friday’s motto on Dragnet…. “Just the facts, Maamm…”
Well, the same can be said about your website and what you do to help people.

I recently had a chat with a consultant friend of mine about how she keeps records of how successful her clients were and her response was “she had no records of their success”. In today’s online world that just isn’t an acceptable response.

The world is begging for a better way to do things…but we are all are exhausted from unproven and undocumented hype offers that promise the moon and deliver a dud. In the internet world, an un-documented offer has a life span of about 3 seconds (or a fast as it takes to hit the delete key).


Create undisputable evidence that what you do for a living helps people. Sound too hard to achieve? Then maybe you aren’t doing enough to put points on the board for your customers. Or maybe you need to dig deeper into your customers “real needs and pains” to come up with deeper solutions instead of “me too” superficial ones.

Example: An attorney represents clients in legal cases. True, no attorney wins every case. That is not the evidence prospective clients are looking for. What they are looking for is did the attorney make every effort to take away the clients pain from the situation?

Case studies are great opportunities to illustrate all the things you do to help people. Just like the way most of us judge the competence of a doctor you need to bring up the subject “Do you really care?”  Saying you care without providing any evidence is a step backward.

I understand that some industries have restrictions on testimonials.  But this hurdle just means you need to dig deeper to find solutions that demonstrate you are unique.  Maybe it is creating a 10 point checklist addressing your client pain issues. 

Do you routinely ask your clients whether they have trouble sleeping at night? If not, maybe you are just in the Law Business and not in the People Business.

How I help people? I help people get highly ranked in search engines so they can be found online for a modest amount of money. The reason I chose this business is that I can keep undisputable records on all of my clients and my batting average.

95% of my clients have remarkable success and I can; really, really, really, prove it.
Visit: client success stories… we have dozens more…

To learn if this is the right thing for your contact me at 813 944-3190 (also learn why 5%, only had limited success).

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