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Custom LinkedIn Marketing Plan and Niche Strategy Consulting

Performance Matters!

We have brought in over 187 fee paying new accounts on LinkedIn (we also teach a 5 hour class on LinkedIn). We will give you all of our successful tips and strategies. We have over 46,000 members in our niche groups.

$499: Payment via PayPal


Optimizing LinkedIn to Maximize Profits

1 hour instruction on optimizing your LinkedIn profile including:

  • How to send your marketing message to 50,000 to 75,000 prospects in less than 30 minutes.
  • Best practices in optimizing your LinkedIn profile to “Do business”
  • Creating a byline that invites action
  • Should you have more than 1 LinkedIn profile?
  • How to make your LinkedIn profile “likeable”
  • What to avoid on your LinkedIn profile
  • How to clearly and concisely display your summary data and bio
  • Strategies on building recommendations within LinkedIn
  • What is a LinkedIn connection and why they are valuable?
  • How to build high quality “connections” quickly
  • How to add properly display your website on LinkedIn
  • How to create a keyword (traffic generating) twitter account
  • How to use twitter on LinkedIn
  • Creating a custom url in LinkedIn
  • How to attach an article you have written to your LinkedIn profile
  • Optimize LinkedIn skills and expertise section for search phrases
  • Tips and strategies in joining up to 50 niche groups on LinkedIn.
  • How to connect with 50 to 100 new prospects quickly
  • How to add your website (WordPress) articles to your LinkedIn profile
  • How to add a slide show to your LinkedIn profile
  • How to delegate LinkedIn maintenance issues to staff

 1 ½ hour instruction in creating a niche member group on LinkedIn

  • Consultation on the type of Group to create on LinkedIn to target prospective clients
  • Step by step guided setup on new LinkedIn group
  • Creation of two logo’s for your group.
  • Explanation of all Group features including: Member section, Promotions, Jobs Search and Manage
  • How to create discussions that create relationships and sales
  • Creating irresistible offers on LinkedIn
  • How to invite all members to connect that join your group. (capture e-mail address)
  • Why LinkedIn is often the best way to communicate to prospective clients
  • How to invite 3,000 members directly to your group
  • How to invite members from other groups to your group
  • Help write your group descriptions; long and short version
  • Create a link from your group to your website
  • Create your group “request to join” and “welcome message”
  • How and when to send a weekly announcement (marketing message) to your group members
  • How to remove a discussion and member from your group
  • How to build your group to 300 to 500 members in 3 to 6 months.


  • We will invite prospective  form our (26,000 member group) to your group that meet your niche profile
  • How to send a bulk e-mail to up to your niche to grow your group
  • How to use to host meetings in your market


Questions? Call Brian French (813) 944-3190 e-mail: Brian

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