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Creating scarcity online – “Push your prospects off the fence”

The internet has changed lots of things about finding new customers and clients likely forever. One of the blessings that the internet provides is the ability to look at a variety of choices before making a decision. But if you are a supplier of the same products or services, the internet can be a nightmare of “perpetual shoppers” or “freebie seeking deadbeats”.

While there are a lot of romantic new age philosophies about “paying it forward” being a “go-giver” or “giving till it hurts”. My judgment and experience in dealing with hundreds of online customers is entirely the opposite of this new age folklore.

Giving out an endless stream of “goodies” is one of the worst things you can do in business. Many consumers have hopelessly fallen in love with the “give and take relationship” you give and they take.

Because you have given without restraint you have taught prospective clients to take without restraint. The longer you go down this dysfunctional path the worse it gets for you and ironically for them.

Just like sports fields, children and all successful societies; there has to be clearly defined boundaries, rules and laws. Violate a boundary, rule or law and there are penalties to pay. The same should hold true regarding your internet relationships and online business practices. You should provide your great clients with great service, great prices and great ideas.


Those who have learned to cyber loiter your world should be asked “are you here to do business?” If the answer is not an unqualified yes, you may wish to state that your “tour” is over and the only way to continue is for them to pay you.

Trust me; the sooner you address the “get paid issue” the gentler you can be. But, if you let the addiction metastasize, boundaries, consequences and remedies must be stated with ever increasing and unequivocal bluntness.

By pushing prospective client “off the fence” you are actually doing them a big favor. Because regardless of where they land their inertia (their real enemy) has been broken and they are closer to taking action.

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PS: If you find a “gem” cyber-loiterer or time stealing “perpetual shopper” your best strategy may be to send them to your best competitor.

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