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Beyond Biz: 6 Things that Baseball has taught me about life…

6 things BASEBALL has taught me about business & LIFE

1. In baseball if you fail to get a hit 7 out of 10 times you might end up in the Hall of Fame. With this fact ball players are eager to get up at bat they “dare to fail”.

Pretty much all teams in baseball win 1/3 of their games and lose 1/3 of their games. It’s the other 3rd that determines success. Can you risk failing in public like a ball player does (in front of 30,000 angry fans)?

Do you take baby swings in life or simply bunt or just hope to draw a walk?

2. Life like baseball has a long season. After 162 games the different between the # 1 team and the #2 team could be a few “bounces of the ball”. To stay focused during so much chaos, uncertainty and pressure is an act of courage and emotional strength.

3. Baseball players work long hours and have a strong support network. Baseball players get to the park in the early afternoon they practice (to constantly refine their craft) and then wait for hours (they are patient).

Every player on the field is moving with every pitch in anticipation of action. (Constantly prepared to perform). Games start a 7:05pm and end at around 11:00pm by the time they unwind, eat and go to bed it must be 1:00pm (they work long hours).

They are on the road 50% of the time their families make big sacrifices too.

4. We all go through slumps in life and we all make errors. People cheer us when we win and boo us when we lose but we are the same person regardless of the result. A lot of things in life are out of our control.

The most loyal fans in sports Cubs and Red Sox have tasted the most bitter defeats. But, it makes the Glory to come even more powerful. We are at our best when we forgive ourselves or our team mates and press on.

5. Don’t ever lose the passion to win in the big leagues. Don’t settle for a mid level (minor league) job that you could easily succeed at. Reach for the glory of the big leagues and have the courage to swing at every good pitch and slide hard into every base and especially home.

6. Some day the game will be over, no one plays or lives forever. Make the best use of your time. Leave a legacy of goodwill behind with fans, team mates your community and organization.

Coach others and share your wisdom. Give them you respect and love regardless their results!

Who is your hero? here is mine….

The outstanding hitter known for a costly World Series error had just thrown out the ceremonial first pitch to a loud ovation before the Red Sox home opener. It was a strike to former teammate Dwight Evans.

The experience, Buckner said, was “probably about as emotional as it could get.”

But he nearly decided not to come.

The former first baseman knew the same old questions would crop up about that play 22 years ago that has been replayed on television hundreds of times.

At first, he turned down the team’s request. A few days later he agreed to return to Fenway Park for the first time since 1997 when he was batting coach with the Chicago White Sox.

“I really had to forgive,” he said after collecting himself, “not the fans of Boston per se, but I would have to say, in my heart, I had to forgive the media…”

“I don’t think that in society in general that’s the way we should operate. What are you teaching kids? Not to try because if you don’t succeed then you’re going to buried, so don’t try?” he said.

Another pause, this one for 10 seconds, before he continued, “…for what they put me and my family through. So I’ve done that. I’m over that. And I’m just happy that I just try to think of the positive. The happy things.”

Personal comment:
Now that is courage and class. Bill, you can be on my team anytime. You always were!

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