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Beyond Biz: 5 Good things about a crisis…

1. Houston we have a problem…
The biggest roadblock to progress is the stubborn devotion to the past and not challenging the status quo. A crisis need not be paralyzing but can be liberating. Unleash your creativity, vision and passion!

2. To build something GREAT something has to come down first….
When you build a grand house or virtually anything worthwhile you have to take down some trees and push some dirt around. For meaningful progress; bulldozers work better than garden trowels. Be bold but patient, hold on to your vision and understand that things always look messy and confusing when they are “under construction”.

3. New winners and opportunities….
The new winners embrace change, the losers long for yesteryear. Small guys can “run for daylight” when the big guys fall to the ground. Those who want to start the game over can race across the new victory line of their choosing vs. riding that old dead horse, down that worn out path.

4. Wisdom and creativity beats smarts every time…
If you lived through a crisis you learned a lot about yourself; your strength and weak ness’s. When we are “riding high on the ego train” we don’t learn that much and act too cool. Humility comes before honor. Simple truths are now pursued, not complex errors. The school of hard knocks gives the noblest of degrees.

5. The friends you find under hard times are keepers…
If you have a friend in a crisis the “true you” is validated as being more “lovable” than you could have imagined (kind of heartwarming isn’t it?). Your true wealth was more than you thought. A man that has friends cannot fail. Be grateful for this blessing… look around and be a blessing to others. Spread the wealth!

What was the “crisis” all about…? …I forget.

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